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One Wild Life

Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver

A Quinta dos 7 Nomes acolheu, de 15 a 25 de Junho de 2017, a motivadora iniciativa One Wild Life – fostering authentic vocation and entrepreneurship in youth work. Segundo Sara Rodrigues, uma das promotoras da equipa One Wild Life Portugal, tratou-se de um «training course com ferramentas poderosas para o trabalho com jovens, reforçando a vocação autêntica, comunicação genuína e espírito empreendedor». O evento reuniu 26 participantes de 12 países europeus, a que se juntaram – a 23 de Junho – mais de meia centena de convidados no dia de networking internacional em trabalho com a juventude – One Wild Life. Uma interessantíssima e multicultural troca de experiências, projectos e ideias na qual tive a grata oportunidade de participar através do projecto Caminhada Holotrópica (Holotropic Walking).
Aqui fica um “cheirinho” do espírito da “coisa” :)

A journey with head, heart and hands
For a true exploration and manifestation of our contribution it is insufficient to merely reflect on or fream about it, just as "going for it" without reflecting on our behaviour and our underlying motives is also not the way forward.
This is why we would like to introduce a holistic approach of exploration and manifestation that involves head, heart and hands. And this means engaging yourself wildly in this proces – trough wild thinking, wild feeling and wild acting.

· With wild thinking we mean freeing your mind from the restricting tendencies of the inner critic and censor. Wild thinking means stepping out of the usual patterns of self-censorship, judgement and constriction and asking youself from the freest possible space : What do I really want ? What is it that wants to come into the world through me ?

· With wild feeling we mean connecting to bodily intelligence and approaching your question not only with your mind, but also with your heart. That means paying close attention to your body-level responses that may often be unconscious, such as the contraction of certain muscles, tension or butterflies in your belly, observing feelings and emotions that arise, and whether there is an intuitive feeling of right or wrong.

· With wild acting we mean leaving your comfort zone and daring to step out into unknown territory ; Often we can get a pretty clear sense of whether something is right for us or not by simply trying it out. So the third invitation is to answer questions not only with your head and heart, but also with your hands ; Through concrete doing, exploring and experiencing.
(KOHLER et al., 2016 : 22)

The wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learnt to ask.
Nancy Wynne Newhall

KOHLER, Franziska, LIVITS, Réka, BALÁZS, Laura & CARDINALE, Roberto. Take the Future in your hands – A road map to Authentic Vocation for Social Transformation; Hungary: proVOCAtion innovaTION Strategic Partnership, 2016, pp. 228. ISBN 978-963-12-5235-4

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