terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2015

Enjoy yourSELFS

«Then in the silence of night I heard the soundless voice of that Spirit of Eternal Things: that Mystery, impenetrable as the dark, impalpable: revealing itself as one with the shapes it took and one with the impulse they obeyed; in the grass blade and the leaf, and in the wind to which they swayed; in the ponderous earth that, darkling, rolls through space, and in the subtle mind that holds this earth in fee. The vast and the far-off were embraced in the vision, for from the remotest star came rays that united me with it. The minute and the trivial were summoned from their hiding to prove themselves near and akin. Magnitude and proportion were swallowed up in unity; number and computation disappeared in a stupendous integer. Not a leaf shook, not a bud burst, but was moved to motion and to life by forces infinite and remote, ante-dating sun or star, one with sun and star, older than the Milky Way, vaster than the limits of vision.»

Arnold HAULTAIN (1914): Of Walks and Walking Tours – An Attempt to find a Philosophy and a Creed; London: T. Werner Laurie Ltd., pp. 85-86

Ó Cláudia Krasmann - Rocha da Pena (Portugal)

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