terça-feira, 30 de maio de 2017

The Path of Love

Until the queendom come.
I stay strung
Like prayer beads
Creator take lead
I am nothing but
Your seed.
Nothing but a dream
You had long ago.
Speak through me.
Breathe through me.
Walk through me.
Be through me.
But it's not about me
Used to keep time and keep
Now I surrender
Remember what I prayed
A chance to be wood
for the fire of Your love.
Idolize the doves.
Taking notes as I watch
the deer walk.
Take stock of the diversity
of gifts freely provided by an
everlasting force.
Consequences when we
step off the path
of love.
We confront our own death,
but life is just a step,
just a breath
Just take my breath
Look inside your self before
you take a book off the shelf.
Introspect on high peaks.
Mother Earth is a mirror.
Take a walk in the mountains
and see your own beauty in her.
She's a fountain.
She's grounded.
She knows your shame and secrets but only holds you sweeter.
Let's you cry into her mountainside,
get taken by the tide.
She's connected to the moon
as much as she is
connected to you.
There are times when we feel
lost but just take a second to look.
The stars are inscriptions about
who you are.
Don't let the city lights
let your mind wander too far.
It's not real,
it's a construction of fear.
A delusion, the solution is to
take those shoes off and
step to the sunset.
The trees remind you
as the breathe your breath
and then return it once again to you.
This is the truth.
Reciprocity and roots.
In your marrow,
in your tooth.
You were made by loving hands to hold
things in your loving hands.
Like this, it forever expands.
You think your not important
but Spirit knows every grain of sand.
Doesn't care about the fame,
knows each and every child by name.
We hate God for all the hatred
in the world
and then turn around
and kick the dog?
Is it really God's fault?
Is she really to blame?
For all this suffering and pain?
Or have we simply forgotten
the lessons that were taught
by the rain?
Use your words carefully;
Step with humility;
Give your heart generously;
Love unconditionally.
If we only did this,
we wouldn't be sad
Through forgiveness of self
and others we return to the
Constant Dream.

Lyla June

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