quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2015

Restore Hozhó

«This Sunday, June 21st, we will begin the third installment of our journey to each sacred mountain that encompasses our homeland. (…) We will cover 450 milles on this walk, and will see first hand the impacts of uranium contamination, coal mining, oil and gas drilling, as well as the exploitation of water in our homelands. Every step we walk is a prayer for the healing of our land and our people. This is our path, our collective prayer in the hope that we as Diné people will act to restore Hozhó and protect our home.
To our young people, we are calling on you to come and walk for our land and way of life. NihíDiné’e, if we don’t take the time to care for our land and people, no one else will. It’s up to us. This is our time! T’áá Hwó’Ají T’éego! We need your support and guidance (…). Keep us in your prayers.»

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